Breaking the sound barrier

Supporting deaf young people with careers guidance

The guide, titled “Breaking the Sound Barrier: Supporting Deaf Young People with Career Guidance,” is a collaborative effort involving numerous individuals and represents the outcome of international cooperation as part of the Erasmus + project “MAKE IT WORK: Supporting D/deaf Young People into Work.”

Designed to aid career counselors and other specialists offering counseling services or seeking to support young deaf individuals, this guide addresses the specific needs of both environments. It is structured into three parts:

  1. The first part is tailored for hearing professionals who may lack experience in working with Deaf individuals. It provides essential readings before engaging with people with hearing impairments, along with practical tips on building relationships and the various stages of supporting a Deaf client. Additionally, it offers valuable advice for employers on creating an environment conducive to the effective work of individuals with hearing impairments.
  2. The second part originated from the initiative of the community of young Deaf individuals who, upon entering professional life, experienced limited access to professional support. The materials gathered in this section aim to support the daily advisory work of Deaf professionals who do not face communication problems. They directly address activities related to supporting other Deaf individuals in their job search.
  3. Part three comprises a list of materials available on the “Make it work” project website. These resources are intended for use by career counselors and other specialists providing advisory services in their everyday work, facilitating activities that support Deaf individuals.

The guide aspires to be a valuable tool for counselors and professionals, aiding in the social and professional integration of young deaf jobseekers. It is anticipated to encourage support for people with hearing impairments in realizing their career aspirations.