Project Results

Τhe results of the project will be openly accessible to all. Each completed result, together with the accompanying material, will gradually be posted on this page in all project languages.

Project Result 1: Analysis and Abstract

Interpretation of the data collected in the project

    The first stage of the project involves collecting and analyzing data from three different categories of surveys: individual surveys of deaf youth, surveys of youth deaf associations, and surveys of professional services. The aim is to determine attitudes and levels of knowledge among young d/Deaf job seekers regarding employment regulations.

    Project Result 2: E-accessible Toolkit

    The toolkit is a collection of videos on different aspects of the job search process. Each video develops a specific topic related to job search and is available in sign language and it’s subtitled. The videos are available at any time for Deaf young people looking for information and advice on finding a job!

    Project Result 3: Breaking The Sound Barrier

    Supporting Deaf Young People with Career Guidance

      The guide, titled “Breaking the Sound Barrier: Supporting Deaf Young People with Career Guidance,” is the result of international collaboration within the Erasmus + project “MAKE IT WORK: Supporting D/deaf Young People into Work.” It is designed to assist career counselors and specialists supporting young deaf individuals, addressing the unique needs of both contexts. This guide aims to be a valuable tool for professionals, facilitating the social and professional integration of young deaf jobseekers and encouraging support for their career aspirations.