The Make It Work accessible toolkit

The toolkit is a collection of videos on different aspects of the job search process.
Each video develops a specific topic related to job search and is available in sign language and it’s subtitled.
The videos are available at any time for Deaf young people looking for information and advice on finding a job!

Erasmus Traineeship

Andrea has found that her university has opened a call for students who are interested in doing an Erasmus+ Mobility for traineeships. She is interested, but doesn’t know what it is. And how to apply?

Europass CV

Andrea wants to apply for a new job. But they ask her for a Europass Curriculum Vitae. What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)? How can she create her Europass CV? And where?


Get prepared for an interview

Sam is happy he has received an invitation to a job interview, but he is also nervous and has many questions: What will happen there? How should he prepare?


Work certificate, job reference, and letter of recommendation

Diana has resigned from her job. In order to have better chances when applying for a new job, she thinks it’s good to be able to show a job reference. But how can she get one? And is it the same as a work certificate? How does it differentiate from a letter of recommendation?


Motivation Letters

Olivier has found a vacancy about a job that he is really interested in. But they ask him for a motivation letter. How can he write a motivation letter? He has no idea.


Types of contracts

While looking for a job Olivier has come across words like an employment contract, freelancer, and contract for work. He is confused because he doesn’t know what they mean, what is the difference between them, and what is the best solution for him?


Where to find a job?

Andrea wants to look for a new job. But where does she find out which positions are available? How does she know what the tasks are? And how to apply for the job?


Working legislation for people with disabilities

Ashley knows that people with disabilities including Deaf people often face discrimination in the labour market. So, for that reason, there are specific regulations to avoid this. But what does this mean?


Soft skills

What are soft skills? How are they different from hard skills? Those are all questions Zahra is asking herself.


Social Entrepreneurship

What is Social Entrepreneurship? What is a Social Entrepreneur? Those are all questions Nassir is asking himself. 

Erasmus Entrepreneurs

Marie is interested in developing entrepreneurial competence. She has read about the Erasmus Entrepreneurs. She was really interested in it. But she didn’t know very well what it is. And how to apply?


Employment contracts

Olivier is asking himself: What Is an Employment Contract? What specifics does a contract for employment typically include? What do I need to know?